Why Us?


My focus here at Pooja Associates is on two very important things – Positive vibes and energy and Renovating with old materials.
My ideology is that every person no matter how well they are doing in their life has to have a place where they can live happily and positively. This can be a home filled with positive energy and good vibes or an office that offers employees a place to work with peace. I do that with the help of Vaastu, an important tool in my arsenal that will improve your life for the better.
Another aspect I focus on is using all the old furniture and materials that you already have gracefully so that I can minimize costs for you and help the environment by recycling the things we can. This improves that cost-efficiency of the project and I ensure that transparency is there in the whole process so that you can hold me accountable and responsible for your whole project.
I provide the perfect solution for clients looking for a positive outlook and a cost-efficient way of renovating their spaces. Contact me for renovating your space with positive energy and vibes!