• Pooja Goyal

Why is a proper office interior so essential for modern day business?

Your office defines your business and this fact is indisputable! The whole concept of interior designing is to make use of the light, space, colours and other resources to the optimum thereby inducing the vibes of positivity.

Your office is not just a place of working for you and your employees, but a wide portion of your time is spent in there and what place reflects will choreograph their thoughts and productivity.

Your employees need it

According to a survey almost 60% of the interviewee decide whether to work for an organization by their observation of the design and energy of their future workplace. So that makes it very crucial or else what is the point in spending resources to train your new employees with them leaving you in some time?

An office with improper color patterns, dull lightings, old and uncomfortable furniture won’t help their growth of productivity, think over it. A place not well designed can never drench them in positivity and infuse them with the work ethics. On the other hand if the office is spacious and the space is well used with proper color schemes, lightings and comfortable furniture, this will help them bring the best out of themselves!

Shout out your story

Every business has a story and this keeps your team working for you to their best level and gets your clients to stick with you. What is yours? Does your business move at lightning speed, your business represents the cutting edge of innovation?? If so, you must want your workspace to be modern, with bright lighting and

clean lines.

When customers enter your office, they should feel the energy radiating from your office design. Your office design and interiors must narrate this story. Any client coming to your workplace won’t give in to you if he isn’t satisfied with your proper working environment and the well-designed office. Of course, your competitor will not take a chance and will be after your client under your nose.

For example, if you are having a service business or a medical practice, spa etc. then your customers must feel relaxed and at ease.

Your office design should be reflecting that warmth in the surroundings your workplace has. Now imagine yourself in such places with crappy designs and creaky old fashioned furniture, that’s what interiors can do to your business.

Let the cash flow in

Every business needs a stable cash flow to sustain. The proper design includes full utilization of the space, making use of the colours and proper channelling your lightings which means lesser expenses on electricity bills and if you utilize the space fair enough then you can earn through the rent on your extra space.

You can increase the cash flow and restrict the excess expenditure! A good spacious office also means employees seldom taking sick leave thus increasing the work hours and the productivity.

And we know how to make your interior of your work speak for your business because we make sure that the offices designed by us reflect their values and make your client happy as soon as he walks into your office. Therefore it is very necessary to have your office or store well designed if you really want your sales and your clientele to grow.

We at Pooja Associates redesign your office into a positive working place where you and your employees can be productive. We do not boast but our designs make us the best commercial interior designing firm in Nagpur.

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