• Pooja Goyal

What is expected from Interior Designers?

Well if that question is answered honestly –A lot should be expected from your Interior Designer!

First let us start the topic with the role of an interior designer. What exactly for an interior designer is hired? For a gentle makeover? For the renovation of your home?? Giving it a luxury touch depending upon your taste? The answers can be plenty for the question why a client hires an interior designer. But is it done skillfully?

There are plenty of interior designers in the market today some being really good, branding their portfolios and making a huge amount of money out of their client’s budget! Some were average, doing things moderately. It might surprise you that the clients are satisfied with both the service providers.

Actually, the job of an interior designer is to first read the client rather than reading the living space and calculating the possibilities of its conversion. The more the client is understood by the designer, the more satisfied he gets. For example, if a teacher approaches a designer as a client for his home, the designer has to be skillful enough to read the client. He must pay more attention to his study room and the house will be designed in such a way that it reflects focus, peace and discipline!

Lighting must be more optimized, the colour schemes must be soothing and ‘a go’ with the lightings.

The extra work that a skilled interior designer will have to do to match the requirement of the client will not be coming from his portfolio but from him successfully reading the mind and expectations of his client. Some of the best interior designing firms in Nagpur follow this practice of giving their portfolio a brake and investing in the requirements of the client and the imagination that he has of his dream home.

The next step is the understanding of the budget limitations that the client puts up in order to have his home ready. This factor plays a major role in order to satisfy the client and add one more feather to his hat. A client wants to spend less and wants more value thus the designer need to plan and work under these constraints to bring out the best of the site.

A client with an environment-friendly bend of mind would appreciate some recycled stuff in his home! The aesthetics that is provided by the artificial artefacts can be replaced to some extent by mini flower pots and bonsai. There are plenty of ways a designer can match the client’s budget with the expectations.

Then comes what can a designer give extra with your dream home interior. For example, in one of our sites, we thought of optimizing the interior according to our client’s background and we managed to utilize some space out for their personal time in their well-designed balcony. The balcony was designed in a way that a hot cup of chocolate with a cool breeze and the view of the city would help them off with the stress at the end of the day! Such details are thoroughly practiced by the best interior design firms in Nagpur and clients loved it.

Thus, the conclusion is that the connection between the client’s expectations which he communicates and the expectations that he couldn’t, the budget along with the extra value and the aesthetic sense and skill of the designer can create a masterpiece, giving your client the home, he always dreamt of!

We at Pooja Associates maintain this principle and please our client by letting them decide the way our design should foray into. We proudly boast to be the most and the only cafe designers in Nagpur. Check out some of our designs.

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